Lead Singer | Guitar

If you can make Contact with someone else through your art you've done your job.

Making music in various bands since the age of 17 Andre was a veteran of the Philadelphia Music Scene by age 20. Sparked by an impromptu performance with Maroon 5 at the TLA on their first headlining tour, Boy recorded his first solo album, Simplex in 2003. His second album, Electric Love would follow in 2006. Along the way Boy Wonder and his backing band The Klique have gained a reputation in Philadelphia for delivering high-energy, incredibly entertaining performances. Boy Wonder has often been compared to a young Prince.

“I was never comfortable with that comparison,
Prince is a genius and I’m too tall.”

In 2006, Boy Wonder signed with Valentino Entertainment in mid 2006 who began shopping his music to major record labels almost immediately.In early 2007, less than a year after the release of Electric Love, Boy Wonder and the Klique went back to work to record Contact a title and song that holds a great deal of significance to him as an artist.

“I really think that art is self expression
right up until the point you show that art to someone else,
then it’s about connecting with them.
If you can make Contact with someone else through your art
you’ve done your job.”