Drummer | Vocals

Demetrius does not like watermelon, nor does he care for brown liquor of any kind.



Demetrius was using combs and brushes to make beats before he could even talk…

Building upon these natural abilities throughout his school years in North Philadelphia, he sought refuge from his surroundings on his drum kit – conveniently located in the middle of his mother’s living room.

Demetrius’ infectious personality and soothing demeanor allow him to create and sustain great working relationships throughout the lifetime of his projects. His natural ability to adapt and conform his personality to any piece of music make him invaluable to any project he is involved with. Demetrius has MANY influences from a wide range of music genres such as, Classic Rock, Gospel, Classical, Pop, R&B, Motown and Country. Inspiration comes in many forms and there are various artists that have helped mold him into the musician that he is today… Artists such as: Steve Smith, Dennis Chamber, Chad Smith, Dave Weckl, Carter Beauford, Phil Collins… (YES there are others – but we are trying to keep this short…)